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Peter Brown is a Grammy-nominated composer, performer and producer who's been an innovating force in the music industry since he began his career in 1977. His genre-fluid style seamlessly melds Funk, R&B, Rock and Electronic Dance Music into his timeless, signature sound.

Credited as being one of the influential forces behind House Music in Chicago in the 1970s, he’s also impacted early rap and hip-hop music with his biggest hits being sampled by the likes of Ice Cube, LL Cool J, Puff Daddy, Will Smith and Busta Rhymes, to name a few.

Hits like Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me?Dance With Me and Love Is Just The Game have topped the charts and been featured in movies like Donnie Brasco, Summer Of Sam and Moulin Rouge. He’s written songs for ABBA’s Agnatha Faltskog (Maybe It Was Magic) along with Madonna’s signature smash hit Material Girl

Peter's television appearances have ranged from American Bandstand hosted by Dick Clark (his very first TV appearance), Europe's TopPop, and as a presenter on The American Music Awards. He also filmed an in-studio demonstration of how his biggest hit, Dance With Me, was made on 60 Minutes with Dan Rather.

His albums, A Fantasy Love Affair, Stargazer, Back To The Front and Snap, all gained critical acclaim and spawned other chart-topping tunes and #1 dance hits like They Only Come Out At Night - along with a nomination from the 1985 MTV Music Awards for best music video - Zie Zie Won’t Dance.


A severe case of tinnitus (ringing in the ears) forced Peter to end his music career prematurely in the late 1980s. But now, after over 30 years of silence, he’s back with a new album that’s sure to excite his fans. 

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NOTE: In 1977 when he was 24 years old, Peter Brown recorded his first single, Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me?, on a TEAC 4-track tape recorder in his bedroom in the suburbs of Chicago. It was, to say the least, unprecedented to have it become a worldwide hit.

In 2017, in keeping with his musical beginnings and aided by the latest technology, Peter decided to take it up a notch and record his new album using only an iMac computer, a pair of Auratone speakers and a Sennheiser MD 441U microphone - but in a slightly nicer bedroom.

The BOOM album was written, performed, arranged, recorded and mixed, in it's entirety, by Peter Brown.

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